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About Us

INTUITIVE BIOTECHNOLOGIES (IBT) is an innovative startup focusing on analytical testing of biological samples. It is located at the Pasadena Bio Collaborative Incubator (PBC) in Pasadena, CA. Our company is developing in vitro methodologies to reduce and eventually re-place animal testing.

The reduced use of animal testing in the development and manufacturing of healthcare, cosmetic, and nutritional products has been the focus of much international effort. While many factors have prevented the transition to alternative techniques, recent innovations that allow simultaneous characterization and quantification of multiple protein targets have paved the way to develop viable in vitro alternatives to some routine animal tests.


Our prime focus is to provide accurate and reliable biomarker screening services to organizations that require analytical characterization of their biological samples. We specialize in producing innovative, rapid and low-cost assays for quantification and/or functional characterization of cell surface markers and secreted proteins using flow cytometry and other platform.

Image by Ousa Chea
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